Demon Demon Performance Record

Demon Demon Performance Record

The film is based on folklore stories, integrating fantasy, humor and love. It is full of freshness. It is mainly about the fact that the Big Dipper, the great god of the Big Dipper, was shackled by the Tianzhu, and was robbed by forty-seven. Heaven has given its gongde book to let it travel to the world and to reproduce the story of the people. Marshal of the canopy (Wang Yikai) heroic and boundless mana boundless, commanding 800,000 water troops, waving nine-toothed nails and the evil beasts for three days and three nights, will eventually defeat the odds, win a total victory, but one The victory of the field made the captain of the canopy arrogant and indecent, drunken and arched the Jade Emperor Bull Palace, and the Jade Emperor furiously expelled the captain of the canopy from the heavens and fallen into the mortal world.

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Genre: DramaFantasy


Quality: HD