Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 8 Episode 4

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 8 Episode 4

Movie Plot: After being exposed to atomic radiation, a giant Praying Mantis attacks the North Pole.

On the SOL: Mike and Crow upset Servo by not participating in casual day / the Crew holds a memorial service for Pearl, who then calls to tell them that she is angry and she will pursue them to the bitter end / Crow is eaten by an alien that was brought on board the SOL / the Crew gets a letter from Dr. Peanut, who survived the blast and is now in Wisconsin.

On Ape Earth: Pearl, Bobo, and Dr. Peanut accidentally (with help from Mike) detonate a bomb that destroys the planet / Pearl has survived and, with Bobo, she will hunt down the SOL across space.

Stinger: The corporal goes for a little stroll.

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Episode Title: The Deadly Mantis

Air Date: 1997-02-22